PA súcks and you know it
# 1
PA is one of the tipy top for worst developer of mobile games Iove how no one cares to mention when PA puts out the list of known issues that is a mile long and covers literally every aspect of the game, PvP, world, world boss, node wars, seige wars, guild wars, guild rush, merchantry, camp, even system, and server chat, like come on ppl when will you realize you're being fed shít and told its caviar and you guys are slurping it up with glee. After 1 year of playing this game and sinking more Money into it than I care to admit trying to over come unfair advantages knowingly put into the game by its developers only to be punished for wanting to play the game when I had time and not devoting my phone full time to afk farming as I only have 1 phone no computer and I work for a living unlike the ppl at PA I will be quiting distributing the 40 members in my guild around to other guilds and disbanding then deleting this scam you call a game kinda funny how all the whales and a large portion of the problems in this game and the ones who set the pace of the game are almost all Asian in a North American server the other 30% is português speaking Brazilians and the server chat has no translation though I don't understand why I would need one as I'm in north America playing on north American server I would expect English surely the Korean version wasn't filled with English speaking players to the point the Koreans couldn't understand the chat most of the time just a complete lack of caring from this group they set it up to be easily cheated gave everyone except for stupid North Americans a 2 year head start before they switched over here for no reason other than to use that advantage they allow emulators which invites the use of macros in PvP and makes it 1000% easier to hack the game from an emulated pc than from a mobile phone of which the game advertises to be its more pc version than mobile and I'm done FÚCK YOU PEARL ABYSS KISS MY ASS
2020-10-19 04:40
# 2
Yep with all the hacks that people are using its ruining my game experience. The norm now is if you're not using hack and emulators that's your problem. I really like playing my gladiator but it just blows that they allow hacks / emulator and some classes are over powered. Like almost everyone has a phone.
2020-10-19 19:49
# 3
You are not the only one who gonna quit this game for my own mental health. Despite of rng and other stupid stuff that make ur mental health worse everytime. And now with hackers been involved with this. I'm fed up 😩😩.
Lately one of my best friends in this game suddenly quit the game and deleted his gears and everything and left.
I'm gald I didn't choose american server for english environment.
Pc players have fast reaction then us and I can see that in ramo and pvp.

Lemme make sure that you are not the only one who gonna quit this game.I will follow ur steps next month if nothing changed.
This game is Korean game with asian developer team what did you expect from them since their only job is programming the game without asking for players opinions or replying them here?
Unfortunately there are no good RPG mobile game like this feel sad for it. I'm sure this game will be dead by the first half of next year if they keep doing like this.
2020-10-19 20:20
# 4

This is Korean Game, Asian Game

PA no longer cares about the player experience, the skill is increasingly spam no brain, the skill effects are hard to see,  all only are how to take any most money hahaha dont hope

2020-10-25 22:48