Make Black Sun More Fair Competitive
# 1
You release new battleroyal event. but is not fair, why?
1. Channel is limited, is not fair bcs when 1 guild come to map that guild gonna dominated that map.
2. Dont open black sun only in west valencia, atleast open in south or North madiah. So there is a chance for little cp got minimum reward.
3. Is battleroyal right? Not guild war? thats why how can we win when we in one map full of only one guild, wheres is the battleroyal things?

My suggestion is, how you make this more fair, this is optional
1. Make limit for same guild member in one channel for ex: only 5 members, if there another members going to that map they auto to different channel. Is more fair, why ? If one chanel only 20-30 people can join in, so there is 4-6 defferent guild. The battle more competitive fair

Or 2. Make battle sun balance CP. Which mean every one join battle sun have a same CP , the battleroyal more fair.

Or 3. Make every one available kill each other, even they from same guild they available to kill each other. So we playing surviving game solo.

Please consider our voice, if you want make ur game longlast . Build more fair competitive. Every one here have a effort to play. Either Pay To play or Free to play, we know without pay to play player u guys can running out this game cs u need revenue, but without free to play player this game is gonna be empty.. I mean atleats every one who play this game can reach minimu reward from new event that you make. Thx

IGN: Saragossa
Asia, calpheon.
2020-10-18 07:19
# 2
Yes, agreed. Black Sun needs to be balanced.
2020-10-18 17:24
# 3
" I don't pay money so you can kill me in black sun you f2p player if you want fair competitive pay like I pay "
It's not my words but the whales and those players who pay for this game and keep the game alive.

My opinion:

First if ya want to farm in black sun join any guild and gather all members in one channel before the event begin so the channel will be full and one to four players can get into ur channel and again gather to kill them even if he is the top ranked he can't beat +30 player alone.

2020-10-19 19:49
# 4
" you f2p player want fair competitive with me ? I pay money to get this strong and come this far to enjoy this game if ya want fair competitive go find other game"

This is not my words but thise players who spend money for this game and keep it alive.

In my opinion you have two choices.

One leave this game so you can have peace of mind and that's what I'm about to do in near future not for money but for the rng that make me leave this game for my mental health.

Two join a guild or create one gather all of them in one channel or map(not the one top guild fight for) before the event by ten minutes and you can fill that map with numbers which will give you the upper hand if other players come in. Gather if you find strong player and kill him with numbers even the top ranked don't want to risk their pts for low tier players. You see fight inside your map go help your guild mate with this you can survive this black sun event.

2020-10-19 20:00
# 5
Yeah, i know, but without f2p player this game will empty, i mean this game keep running bcs mostly majority user in this game f2p.

But my objective is not f2p or p2p and not about the strategy how to survive in the black sun, consider ur opinion its TRUE but thats not my objective, make black sun more fair competitve i mean somehow PA make black sun more easy to get minimum reward,all player can got minimum reward,because Not all player have a time join to competitive guild there palyer, how about player who playing solo or join casual guild, how can they survive...?
2020-10-20 13:15
# 6

The only way to make it balanced is to make more maps available for low CP based players. For example, make north mediah or south mediah a black sun map as well, because some low CP players cannot even kill a mob in west valencia which will make a huge difference. The rest is strategy, like joining a guild or immediately going to town when an enemy comes. We've been using that strategy and it is working. Most of us just wants to reach 10k and then have a peaceful life and others will continue grinding. It's all about strategy and outsmarting the enemy. Also, greed will consume everyone who tries to reach the top. That's how you win this specific event. 

2020-10-20 21:58
# 7
I can't agree more. The Black Sun event is a completely unfair PVP event for most of the players. Is a meat grinder for whales. It makes no sense to go there and waste one hour of your time, you will end up feeding the whales... It feels as if PA did it for the purpose to make the whales happy. So annoying... 
2020-10-22 19:18
# 8
Definitely needs to be balanced and not just anyone can join and do it
2020-10-26 17:01
# 9
I'm with Saragossa! Totally agreed!

Black Sun its not Fair, It seems like ONLY P2P are allowed to have fun and get stronger!

I guess PA just want what everone else want too... MONEY!! LOL

They dont give a crap that its balanced or not!
2020-11-01 22:06