Gladiators skills are useless against tamers
# 1
When tamers are mounted gladiators skills against them are useless. Shield charge does nothing! take down does nothing! Charging thrust has no stun! My charging thrust plus spinning sword slash deals no damage because they are fast. The only thing I can do is evade and fire off a piercing spear which only has a damage affect no knock down. Once they see I blew all my evades they dismount and come after me. Please do something about this or make our attacks faster. Also is ther a hack that doesn't let them get taken down. Because I grabbed my oppent and they got out of my grab.
2020-10-17 14:47
# 2
I also found that fighting Tamer with Glad is pain in the a$$.
Now, most Tamers do not use that skill, but if they use it, there is a strategy you can use against it as a Glad.
First, you must know how that skill works - it makes tham fast and very hard to stop, but not imposible, they have 70 resistance and have 10 more on char by default. So, they are 80% imune ( ofcourse, if those numbers mean percents) and its probably corect, becouse i could stop tham here and there.
Now, you dont fight tham as a Glad, you are slow and dont have dps, you use your dodges AND your skills to kite tham, will spaming the spear.
So, just rotate beetwin your Shield Charge, Charging Trust and evades, to evade tham, not to attack tham. Also, trow spear, wenever you cannot move, for some damage and potential cc.
And, if you realy must fight in close range, use just Ground Smash, its faster than Spining and Scars, and you can restore hp with it.
Point is, you just need to avoid tham for 30 sec, and exit from that equaly damaged as tham, idealy less, after witch you have 30 sec to kill tham, until skill is up.
2020-10-17 15:11
# 3
Thanks for the info Jast. Hey Jast have any tips on what to do against hashashin? They're immune to a lot of gladiators engaging attacks like charging thrust, shield charge, and take down. Ive played with my hashashin once and it seems like there is no skilled required to play. Here i am with my gladiator jumping through hoops for my wins.
2020-10-17 22:05
# 4
Against good Hashashin you will win no more than 3/10 times. They make a lot of desync, they are fast, mobile, a Paladins on steroids. They are also partly imune on grab, will using that jumping skill with two charges.
You can do only two things vs tham - a PERFECT timing, and actualy using that desync vs tham.
Now, how? For timing, trow spear in the moment when they summon tornado, that skill dont have super armor, and its bad for there line of sight, as it is bad for yours.
Also, when they enter in that Void Knight like charge skil, dont attack tham, they have iframe will in that skill, but the moment they attack you, it becomes super armor and you can grab tham.
Do not try to grab tham will they jump, they are imune during jump, but they are not when land, and have little delay, so grab in that moment.
Do not use Shield Charge as you normaly would, you will fail, try to use it as a Shield Counter, it gives daze.
As for using desync agains tham, you just need to move fast and hard to predict around tham, when they start moving around you, and just catch tham in animation, becouse they are use to dance around you but not another way around, and you can use that to confuse tham.
But again, chaces are not on your side.
2020-10-18 00:55
# 5
I got the timing down against them for Take Down but its a long wait before it comes back up again. Lol Thanks again Jast.
2020-10-18 05:24