Market (Pre)Orders
# 1


anyone know what this is for?

I assumed it was for pre ordering gears in market, hence I placed order for some gears, but none of them seems to be processed

I tested with an alt, - preordered a gear no one is selling that time from my main (highest bid), then post same gear from my alt at minimum (tried with the same price as well), but after waiting for like 1hr or more, (i just continued with playing with order on) when I got back item of my alt still there and order of my main still not processed.


anyone have an idea regd this?


ps. i used myst gear only during my test thats why i was able to leave it for hours without anyone buying it, red gear above is just for reference.

2020-08-26 22:02
# 2

There was a post about this yesterday where a buy managed to buy a Red Nose armor for max bid value. So he was very lucky.


I belive the minimum buy price and max bid price here is different from market price.   I havent seen one in market yet, but i bet its like 5-6b if u put it at max price, so then none of the lower orders will go through, unless a player sell the item so low that the bids will activate.

2020-08-26 23:26