Special Boss Rush Passes Expiration
# 1

This is by far the shadiest thing PA does. I just paid for the $100 pearl packge got my Boss Stamps cashed them in and had 50 SBR passes. I had something come up where I had to leave the house and could not get on the game again until the next day, when ALL my passes were gone. COME ON PA...I PAID FOR THOSE and because your shady and want all the cash you can grab you put a timer on them. UNACCEPTABLE. If someone spends money for a service for an online game and once I have purchsed said things if they are connected to something special that is not an event, to put a timer on those things is absurd. you need to make this right for all of BDO...REMOVE SBR TIMERS. Lets start a petition for them to stop fucking us. WE DONT EVEN GET 24 HRS.

2020-08-19 06:27
# 2

I agree that it should be longer time.

But again, it takes 2min or less to kill boss with 50x multiplier. 

2020-08-25 04:05