Account change email.
# 1

So heres the situation. one of my guildmates is leaving black dessert mobile because he is about to moveon in life he stopped playing video games. now he wants to give his account to me but the problem is its linked in his business email. I need help from Pearl Abyss if theres anything we can do.. among all the game accounts he gave to me we only had a problem transfering in black dessert mobile. please help <3 

2020-07-31 01:30
# 2

best solution is submitting a ticket about this to their customer care. better not to mention to that he's giving his account to yours if you want it possible. 

2020-07-31 03:36
# 3

I asked the Support couple of Months ago, to rebind my Account from Google to Facebook. But they didnt do it.

2020-08-06 05:36